Thailand reigned over all – Team “Signature” is the Champion of GEXT 2017 (CS:GO)

“GEXT 2017”, an eSports event, was held in Manila, Philippines last weekend (25-26 Nov.) and Thai team, “Signature” beats all the other team in CS:GO. The Thailand’s team world class performance showed that they are ready to take on the world at eSports!

Road to victory

Last weekend, 2 competitions were held, CS:GO and DOTA 2 but due to unavailability, Thailand only send its CS:GO team, “Signature”.

In the Semi Final, “Signature” won against “Imperium Pro”, a Philippines team before going head to head with “NXL” team from Indonesia. The match was over before it began where “Signature” team beat “NXL” 2-0 (Train 16-2, Nuke 16-12)

The prize for the winner was $2,500 (which is around 88,000 Baht) but also comes with top of the line graphic card GTX 1080 thanks to NVIDIA for each team members.

It was a long journey

It was not easy to get to the elimination round as “Signature” had to battle against other Thai teams. The pre-qualifying rounds spans over 3 months of grueling elimination before becoming the representative of Thailand (won against Beyond. MapleClub 2-1 in the Final). Pros needs both finesse and cool heads

At one point in the second round was “NXL” had a glimpse of hope when they won 5 rounds in a row from 12-3 to 12-8 which put a bit of heat on “Signature”. Partly because the team chose “Nuke” as the map where, “NXL” game plan was better as Counter-Terrorist. It seemed that “Signature” were in a bit of a pickle, but with cool heads “Signature” quick change up the game and were able to pull through with 16-12 win (see match link below)

One man behind the success

No doubt that “Signature” team has the skills to compete on the global level but for such a high level of professionalism, it was all thanks to “Mr.Toy”, their team manager, who has been behind the scene and has been keeping the team together. He is as part of the team as every member acting as a coach, and even playing the role of a father to these the team to keep everything in check.

“Mr. Toy”, Signature team’s Manager

The only catch to this success is that this team will soon disband as 3 members are leaving to form a new team with “Beyond”. Nevertheless, we wish them great success in their future endeavours.

Thank to “NVIDIA” from “Gaming Room” team

“NVIDIA” has stepped in to support the “eSports community” both in Thailand and SEA by organizing a world-class tournament. This not only gives an opportunity for Thailand to prove to the rest of the world that we can be world-class it also opens up playing field for other sponsors who are interested in getting involved with eSports.

Consequently, this would means that there will more demands for eSports players. We hope that NVIDIA will continue to grow the eSports community and have more tournaments like these. Lastly, we would like to thank “Mr. Leng” from NVIDIA Thailand who has been taking care of team “Signature” and help with everything.

“Mr. Leng” and “Signature” team

We also had a chance to interview team “Signature”, please follow our Facebook Page for the video (still editing!)

Round 1

Watch MAP 1 – GEXT 2017 SEA Finals : Signature vs. nxl> from FPSThailand on

Round 2

Watch MAP 2 – GEXT 2017 SEA Finals : Signature vs. nxl> from FPSThailand on

Lastly, we would like to thank all the sponsor who made this happen

Graphic Card
-Colorful Technology

Gaming Gear & Hardware
-MSI Gaming
-Cooler Master

Special Thanks to:
-Predator Gaming


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