[iCafe Hopping] Upcountry with Dewa Exculsive, Lifestyle icafe with the most powerful gaming rig in Thailand!! (currently)

You would have thought that the internet cafe that are equipped with the most powerful gaming rig in Thailand would be in Bangkok, the capital but you are mistaken! The newest iCafe, Dewa Exclusive, is not just any ordinary iCafe as it is equipped eSport Arena and the machines are fitted with GTX 1080 Ti!  It is situated in Khon Kean, one of the largest cities in Isaan (North Eastern part of Thailand).

Dewa iCafe has the most powerful gaming rig in Thailand… currently

Dewa, brand of Internet Café has been around Khon Kean for a few years where they have now 4 branches around Khon Kean. The newest icafe is the renovation on one of the branches on the “Mitraparp Road”. The newly renovated store is not only the best iCafe in Dewa but the coolest in Khon Kean. Not just because the store is fitted with 18 gaming rigs that uses GTX 1080 Ti but the store design gives an atmosphere of luxury.

iCafe Dewa
Food and drinks bar offering pearl milk tea to ham and cheese sandwich and even Kao pad krapow!

The store is divided into 2 zones where one is the VIP area with Top-of-the-line gaming rig (GTX 1080Ti) and the other with high end rig (GTX 1060)

Other than the high-end gaming rig, there are also 70 other “normal” gaming rigs wholly sponsored by MSI. The specs on these are nothing to be laughed at (Processor: Xeon E5-2660, GPU: MSI GTX 1060 3GB, RAM: 32GB). We personally tested these machine by spending a whole day playing PUBG and Overwatch, so it is guaranteed that these machine can handle these games!

It’s not a typical “Game Café”!

Because other than a powerful gaming rig, Dewa Exclusive also have its own drink and snack bars right in the middle of the store together with comfy chair, high-end gaming accessories and spacious layout, the store is designed for you to laze around all day.

iCafe Dewa
Competitive zone in the middle with GTX 1080Ti machines

The gimmick of this store isn’t just the high-end gaming rig. If you try to look for the CPU hidden under the table or behind the screen, you won’t find it because the store has opted to adopt KVM system. Meaning, all the rigs are gathered remotely in a single room situated at the front of the store behind a glass wall.

There are are clear benefits for the customers with absence of the rig, one, you have more leg room and two, you won’t be disturbed by the noise from the CPU/GPU fans. Additionally the store’s air con temperature can be stable to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day (the owner encounter a lot of air con issue in the past)!

“the rig would not get in the way making your area more spacious”

iCafe Dewa
KVM system right at the front of the store, customer can observe Aero GTX 1080Ti working away!

Is it Expensive?

Surely, a premium store like this will be more expensive than the “normal” internet café you ask? Well, it is but personally, it was well worth it. You would come to relax with all the amenities rather than just use the computer. So, the price is set at a mere 25 Baht per hour (“other” standard rate at 15 Baht per hour) which to me, seems reasonable.

Nice comfy chairs with 27″ curved screen, what more do you want?!!

Parking space is available for both cars and motorcycles next to the store

Contact their Facebook page directly for more information – Dewa Facebook 

iCafe Dewa
Computers set up with 4 on each row, perfect for PUBG squad!
Grand opening event earlier this year
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